I’ve come this far…

Hey! People! Over here! It’s me! You remember me! Freckly? Short? Ass that won’t quit? Well even if you don’t I’m here and I am standing atop a mountain and announcing to this great cyberdom that I am baaaaaaack!

I’ve been gone for quite a while too… Little over a year, but unofficially I stopped blogging properly when I got a big person job. Which is going on two and a half years! I just could not summon the will to write after a long day of work bookended by an hour and a half commute. I was unprepared for it and my blog fell into disrepair. But if I’m to tell the truth I was a little relieved. I no longer felt I had to make posts for the sake of them, seek inspiration from the fashion world when I frankly saw none. I felt my blog no longer reflected me and if I’m being totally honest I didn’t really feel like I fitted in.

The last couple of years has changed me. My life has changed so much and thankfully all for the better! And I miss blogging. I want to come back if you’ll have me. I want to write more about my life and my thoughts, my progress through the world. This of course will mean my style but it’ll also mean my other passions and how they make me feel and how they are paving my life for me. But before I get to all that I of course need to update you guys and what has changed and what has remained of me.

What has remained… – I still have not dyed my hair (I honestly feel this is a very important piece of information) and I have no intention to dye it in the future. I mean, why would I, sure tis gorgeous!

– I still live in heels, being 5’4″ makes this pretty much a necessity and I just don’t feel right otherwise.

– I’m still with the boy! Going on nine years now. He even moved across the country and got himself a new job so I no longer had to do a three hour roundtrip commute. Yes, he is indeed a keeper and I love him to bits… Moving swiftly on!

– I’m still a graphic designer. For those of you who read my old blog it was clear that I had a passion for more that just fashion. Graphic design was a deep love of mine and still is to this day. I’m still lucky enough to work with such a talented team and I still get into heated debates over what image is suitable. Somedays I hate it but everyday I love it!

– I’m still as tactless as always! I’m honest, some say too honest, some same I’ve zero tact. But others have said it’s part of my charm. So there!

What has changed…

– I’m now an aunty! To two beautifully bald boys! Conor is two and JimJim is just over six months. Yeah, my sister didn’t hang around! They’re great kids and I love them to bits even if they have trouble growing hair and Conor is afraid of me because I am “no-mammy.”

– I am now an athlete! Oh yeah, I said it! I don’t just exercise, I train! Ladies and Gents I am a rower! It’s a great sport that allows me to keep fit and kick ass, all while trying not pass out or throw up during a 2k test! And I get to be with some of the best ladies I’ve ever known!

– Due to being an “athlete,” half of my clothing money is spent now on gym gear. Man, I do love Nike sports bras! They’re just so colourful! And sure who doesn’t want their own body weight in lycra in their laundry basket…

– Since finishing college I have lost over forty pounds. I wasn’t healthy and it was a constant struggle to blog and promote the fuller figure when in fact I was desperately unhappy. But I did it the healthy way, ate better, got active and lost it slowly.

– Since I had to learn to eat better, I became a serious foodie! And getting more adventurous everyday. Latest obsession, gozleme… Look it up, thank me later!

So there you have it. We’re all caught up. Will this change of direction fufill my need to blog? Will anybody actually bother to read it? Will I forget to blog after a week? Who knows, but sure let’s give it a go anyway!


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  1. MagathaMay · April 3, 2015

    Welcome back… 🙂


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