fuppin’ freezing out!


So I’m all rosy cheeked. The office heat is on full blast on one half of the building (my half) and the other is stone cold due to a broken boiler. It’s like going between two extremes. I’m just glad I don’t move around a lot.

And as far as outside goes… Well, let’s just say we nipped out for all of five minutes to take these photos, much to my co-worker’s annoyance. To be fair to her she is nursing a cold so I probably shouldn’t have made her. I probably shouldn’t do a lot of things but that’s for another day.


Back to today… So I got up and it was snowing. Snow is not the best weather to have to work with, all of a sudden people are super slow on the roads, people either winge about it or start frolicking in it and I don’t own a whole pile of warm clothes (big fan of the layering). But I do have this beautiful jumper that my ma knitted for me about two years ago. It’s a little oversized at this stage but I think that adds to the charm, and talk about cosy! Sure with that and one of those huge blanket scarves you’re all sorted! I implore anyone who knows somebody that knits to commission (beg for) one. They are the business and they’re one of a kind which is always special.


Look at my rosy cheeks! You’d swear it wasn’t baltic out! Also, look at those earrings! It pays to have a mother-in-law that has taste! Oh and I also had gloves and a coat on but they were covering too much of the outfit so they had to go, at least for the photos. How is everybody keeping warm in this never ending winter. Damn Smarch weather!

Earrings: Gift / Scarf: Gift / Jumper: Homemade / Jeans: Awear (yeah they’re pretty old) / Boots: Office / Bag: Etsy


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