one man’s trash


It was well windy today! Thank goodness my hair was up. So you know the phrase one man’s trash is another man’s treasure? Of course you do… have you been living under a rock? That’s another well known phrase! Get back to the point! So yeah, the trash/treasure scenario. Well, believe it or not this dress is second hand. A beautiful French Connection body con dress that my friend was going to send to a charity shop before she thought about me. And I’m glad she did! Not only did I get this dress but two others, a swing top and two cardigans (one kimono style).


This dress has become a proper, full on staple in my wardrobe. It gets worn maybe every two/three weeks, which for me is a pretty big deal. And I am always wearing these boots with them, always. I should probably expand my use of this dress but I think they work so well together. Speaking of trash (well stuff that someone didn’t want), these boots were a gift from my sister but only because they didn’t fit her legs (she’s got scutty legs). So instead of sending them back I got them for Christmas! See where laziness will get you…


So people, I am a perfect example of why you should ask your friends to come round, have a bottle of wine and rummage through what you and they no longer want/fit in/need. At the very least you’ll have a giggle and at best you’ll have something new to wear AND a cleaner closet!

Dress: French Connection / Jacket: Only / Scarf: River Island (old) / Boots: Carvela


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