fun in the sun


Oooh today was L.O.V.E.L.Y! Just the perfect weather to introduce my new coat to the world! Well it could have been warmer but I am not complaining after the battering we got the past few days. You know, you really do get sick of the wind howling. But today sunglasses were needed and a nice amble after lunch was had. How cute is Killaloe!


So about this coat. Well, when I was about eighteen or so my mam (hey ma!) decided to longer buy me an Easter egg like everyone else. No, she decided to buy me clothes, she loves clothes just as much as me and it was far more fun to go out and buy me a frock or a pair of shoes than to get me chocolate. And I wasn’t gonna stop her! After all, I get chocolate off my boyfriend, I don’t need piles of it. What I need is a new spring coat! And a spring coat is what I got! A beautiful oversized, swingful lemon gem of a spring coat!


And I think it goes real well with my dressed down Friday attire. A crisp white shirt and some trusty cons. Which are usually never that clean but I washed them the other day, much to my boyfriend’s annoyance. To be fair they were banging around the tumble dryer for quite some time, the telly was indeed turned up.

Oh yes crisp, fresh and clean was the name of the day!


Shirt, Coat, Belt: Dunnes / Jeans: Awear / Shoes: Converse / Sunglasses: Quay


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