What do kids even wear these days?

So last night I was at a house party. A friend of mine did the terribly, stupidly brave thing of going back to college. We’re all so proud of him for going back and chasing his dream. And last week he finished! So in true Ross fashion, his wifey had a shindig in his honour. But it was no ordinary house party. Oh no, it was themed. Which I am totally fine with, honestly I love any excuse to make a costume (last Halloween I went into work as a cat, a cat people!)

Problem is, it was possibly the hardest theme I’ve ever had to dress for. The theme was ‘student’. Don’t be fooled, this seems easy but it truly isn’t. There are too many variations to choose from. What era of student? What level? Am I protesty? Am I a stoner? Am I bookish? Should I channel some kick ass students from the movies, like Anna Kendrick in Pitch Perfect (don’t hate me it’s a great movie) or maybe in Reese Witherspoon from Legally Blonde (seriously, don’t hate me!) Am I to dress like a modern day student? How do they even dress? Or should I just dress how I dressed when I was in college. I really had no interest in doing the last one, don’t really know why, just wasn’t an option.

So I panicked and threw on some skinny jeans, some beat up old converse, some cheap ass earring from Tenerife, one of my boyfriends old tshirts and an army-style jacket (sorta going for the angsty-protestor-student-doing-the-walk-of-shame-and-has-been-on-a-sun-holiday-with-her-gal-pals-hence-the-earrings look). Cormac wore some torn up combats (which he wears all the time), a hoodie (which he wears all the time) and a fees protest tshirt from his college days. He honestly didn’t look like he tried at all but he really did, he even got cans!

I honestly had no idea what to expect. How other people would interpret the dress code. What would pass for a student? And I was amazed at the different costumes that people had come up with. From the lady (who I reckon was fifty) dressing like an out and out punk (and totally working it by the way), to the man who went as ‘Cow-Elvis’, to the bald man in the lab coat (clearly a science degree theme going on there). And then all the simple similarities, like everybody wearing some sort of sneaker. Converse reigned supreme! It was a complete mish-mash of everyone’s own thoughts of what college life was or maybe even should be.

And just like when I was a student I was yet again the designated driver, some things just don’t change…


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