Sports wear? Moi? At least at the beach…

About 3-4 years ago I had very little sports wear to my name. Like baggy trackies and beat up old runners were really all I had. But sure yeah, I didn’t need it. I wasn’t exercising, it would have been a waste of money and I hate wasting money. But also, I didn’t much care for how it all looked. Nothing jumped out at me as really cool. Maybe I was in the wrong mindset? Maybe I was uncomfortable with the idea of sports wear. Maybe I felt I had a moral code of fashion to uphold. Or maybe I saw nothing I thought was cute… But recently, every other high street brand has an activewear section and all the sports brands are just getting hotter and more fun! Activewear is becoming the new casual, Lululemon yoga pants and a Nike tank is perfectly acceptable (dare I say it, trendy) attire to pick up a few bits from the shop. It’s no longer just for the gym…

For me, it’s not a comfort or a practicality thing (though that is important), my sports wear says a lot about me, be it my Sunburst style zip-up or my strappy-back all-in-one or my bright blue sports bra. My gear says “yes I’m athletic and yes I work out but also I got swag” *clicks finger!*. I buy gear that I feel free in, that I look good in and I think it shows off another side me that is (still girly) but tougher.

And due to all this, instead of going for some skimpy bikini, or some too cute high waisted two piece for my summer holidays, I went and bought a kick-ass, take-no-prisoners sporty two piece. And boy am I excited about it. I mean, I look amazing in a sports bra (brag much!) and if I’m surfing/kayaking/swimming/splashball tournamenting (family game) my ladies are gonna stay up and deffo aren’t gonna pop out! I will be able to move and be free and feel good about myself, as I do in my training gear. For once I’ll be bringing my tougher side with me…

Now, I do have a pretty floral halter for that day by the pool where I’ll be doing nothing but sunbathing (those swimsuits are just as important). Two’s enough right?


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